Welcome to Dutco Oil-Gas Exploration & Engineering Services LLC
Chairman’s Message
Since its foundation in 1947, the Dutco Oil-Gas Exploration & Engineering Services LLC has always maintained a policy of expansion and development in times of rapid economic growth.

Thanks to the resilience of its forward looking vision and a robust adaptation to an ever changing economic environment, Dutco Group has maintained stable growth and is in a condition of strength with which to enter a new era of expansion. We have great faith in the future of the UAE and we look forward to participating in its continuing success.

Dutco Philosophy
Dutco is a diverse, multi-faceted organisation with operations in widely differing fields, from heavy civil engineering, to state of-the-art communication systems, to 5-star world class hospitality.

Although the group is engaged in a vast range of activities there are several guidelines which are common to all areas:

Quality – the highest emphasis is placed on quality, and the Dutco name has become synonymous with this in all its different fields of enterprise.

P.O Box 147855, Abu Dhabi, UAE. Tel: +971 5 241 90561, Fax : +971 896 16302, Email: info@dutcooilgas.com